Prayer for Those Who Want to Protect Their Anime Ship

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In a world where people are growing mean without valid reasons, remember this: Your passion for supporting the ship you like is worth standing up for. Don’t let the negativity of others diminish the significance of your feelings. Embrace your love for your ship, and let it empower you to rise above the haters. Your emotions are valid, and your support matters. Don’t be discouraged by their disapproval, instead, let it fuel your determination to celebrate what brings you joy. Stay true to yourself and your ship, and know that your dedication to what you love is a testament to your strength and authenticity. Keep sailing confidently, for in doing so, you inspire others to embrace their own passions without fear of judgment.


  • Note: This prayer will not work for you if your heart is still tainted with jealousy and excessive anger towards other people’s preferred ship. Let’s say, for example, you ship Kikyo and Totosai, but you still feel triggered and hold a lot of anger towards people who ship Kikyo and Naraku. Please ensure that your intentions are pure. I won’t waste my time making this prayer for those who might use it as a joke or in a disrespectful manner. Again, you don’t have to believe in this prayer. There will be nothing to lose if you do this. If you are just a person who genuinely seeks peace in supporting your ship without causing harm or wishing ill upon others, then this prayer is meant for you.


Dear God, hear my prayer as a supporter of a cherished ship named _______, which is a ship between _________ and __________. I come before you seeking your divine protection and guidance for the anime ship I hold dear in my heart. I ask for strength against those who may harbor jealousy, dislike, or negativity towards this pairing.

Surround this ship with a shield of love and positivity, shielding them from the envious gazes and ill intentions of others. May their bond remain strong, untouched by the doubts and criticisms that may arise from those who do not understand or appreciate their connection.

Grant me the wisdom and humility to understand that my love for this couple is personal and should not be used as a means to compete or belittle others. Help me to foster a spirit of inclusivity, embracing diverse opinions and interpretations of characters and relationships within the anime community.

Fill my heart with empathy and compassion, allowing me to engage in discussions and conversations with respect and understanding. May I find joy in sharing my love for this ship while respecting the preferences and ships of fellow fans.

I acknowledge that each person’s interpretation of the characters and their relationships is valid and unique. Help me to celebrate the diversity of ships and honor the creativity and passion of fellow fans, recognizing that our shared love for anime brings us together.

Protect this ship from any harm that may be directed towards them. May they serve as a beacon of hope, inspiration, and happiness for those who appreciate their bond. Shield them from any negative energies, ensuring that their story is free to unfold naturally and beautifully.

I offer my gratitude for the joy and inspiration this ship brings into my life. Thank you for the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and share in the excitement and wonder of this beloved couple.

In your divine protection, I place my trust. May this ship whom I wholeheartedly support flourish and continue to touch the hearts of fans around the world.


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