Hello there, I’m Socorro Liberty!

I’m a Freelance Graphic Designer and 2D Illustrator who loves anime. I am creating journal spreads focused on saying yes to the life I desire and finding healing through them.

Drawing Process

How do I create my artwork illustrations step by step? Every artwork is going to be different, but I generally follow a preferred structure as best practices.


Once I’ve decided the characters I want to draw, I’ll look up photos of actual people online to use as references. I’ll look for a number of visual components and themes that connect with my vision for the artwork I will be making.


I use my A5 sketchbook as a canvas to bring my artistic ideas to life. By creating preliminary sketches, I can turn the concepts and references I collected during my research into actual drawings. With my sketchbook in hand, I start by outlining and shaping the composition, capturing the essence of the characters and adding the visual elements I envisioned. This process helps me lay the groundwork for the final artwork.


After finishing the initial sketches, my next step is to create a clean and precise lineart for my artwork. This means refining the rough outlines and adding more polished and defined lines to bring out the shapes, contours, and details. I focus on creating smooth and controlled lines to ensure that the final artwork looks clear and well-defined. The lineart stage is essential because it provides a solid foundation for adding colors or shading later on, helping me achieve a professional and polished look for my artwork.


Coloring is my favorite part of the process. It’s where I bring vibrant hues to my characters, making them come alive with depth and personality. I enjoy selecting the perfect colors and applying them strategically, using shading, highlighting, and blending techniques to enhance the visual appeal and create a captivating experience for viewers.


After I finish coloring the artwork, I add a few final touches. First, I add special effects to make it look more interesting and special. Then I resize the artwork depending on what I want. To keep it safe and show that it’s mine, I put my logo on it as a watermark. By doing all these final touches and adding my personal touch, I finish the artwork and it’s ready to be shared, shown, or published.

Journaling for Mental Health

I started writing a mental health journal. I made the decision to take it seriously in order to help myself with intensive emotional healing. Aside from helping me cope with depression during my healing path, journaling also helps me be productive, be more creative, enhance my writing, and keep organized. Start your own journal now! Stay strong, Ma!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you available to take art commissions?

Thank you for your interest but currently, all my slots are full and I am actively working with clients.

Can I share your artworks and journal spreads on my page and social media?

I don’t want to make it difficult for everyone, so you don’t need to ask for my permission. Yes, you may use my artworks and journal spreads as long as you properly credit me and include a link to my website. You are also allowed to use my artworks as YouTube thumbnails, but please credit me in the description as the artist.

Things that I don’t allow in my artworks:

1. Changing my client’s PAID artworks to your preferred ship and art style. I have experienced someone stealing my confidential work intended for a client in the past.

2. Just in case I create fan art of Naraku and Kikyo in the future, please understand that these are the fan arts that I will NOT allow you to repost on any online social platforms. I kindly request your consideration to strictly NOT share my NarKik works in any Kikyo and Inuyasha groups on Facebook.

3. Please refrain from making money by using or selling my artworks to create prints, posters, stickers, T-shirts, wallpapers, bed blankets, mousepads, or any similar products.

Is “socorroliberty.com” the official fan page website of Kirinmaru and Midoriko?

Absolutely not. This is my own personal website for the purpose of profile visibility, so everyone knows that I’m legitimate and my prospective clients can easily contact me. We have respective official fan page website for Kirinmaru and Midoriko, but it’s still under construction.

Who inspires you to draw?

I discovered these talented artists during my college days as a nursing student, and they served as my inspiration for creating digital and traditional artworks:

Source: Heikala Shop

Source: Qinni – Professional, Digital Artist | DeviantArt

Cati- Art
Source: Cati-Art – Professional | DeviantArt

Source: Yuumei (yuumeiart.com)

Sakimi Chan
Source: sakimichan – Digital Artist | DeviantArt

Noble Maiden
Source: Noble-Maiden – Hobbyist, Digital Artist | DeviantArt

Are you still writing stories?

Yes, I am still writing stories, but all of them are kept in my notebook. I would love to share some of my untold stories online someday. I am still learning how to write captivating stories. My goal for now is to enhance my English language skills so that one day I can become a writer for a ship or characters I love without relying on assistance from others. Heh!

What drawing software tools are you using?

I use Medibang and Adobe Photoshop for creating my artworks.

Why did you name yourself Socorro Liberty?

“Socorro” is my Spanish name given to me by my grandmother (who is Mexican) on the day I was born. Unfortunately, because of some family issues, I never got the opportunity to go by that name. Instead, my father decided to name me Mei. I use the name Socorro as a way to remember my grandmother. Liberty means ‘freedom,’ which resonates with me because I am someone who wants to live in peace and make choices of my own.

What makes you relax and stay calm at the same time?

Viewing wonderful nature helps me relax while making journal spreads or drawing some art. Before I go to sleep, I listen to ASMR lo-fi and soft-spoken voices.

I don’t see you drawing Naraku and Kikyo. What happened to you?

I’ve decided to take a break from creating NarKik fan art due to past negative experiences from people who have a strong dislike for this ship. I am now a silent supporter of NarKik. I am currently working as a ghost NarKik artist for one of my clients on Weibo. I prefer to keep my identity hidden as their artist for my own peace of mind.

But if you have an upcoming event to celebrate NarKik or if you would like me to join your NarKik community, as long as it promotes a healthy environment and respects people, please feel free to send me a message. I would love to join you. Kindly contact me HERE.

When I’m not creating artwork or making journal spreads, I share messages on my blog about how others can deal with depression and gain self-confidence towards positive personal growth. Drawing from the challenges I’ve faced, I express myself through words to help people find peace within their own hearts and feel their own worth. I hope my message will encourage them to embrace life, love, and limitless creativity without fear.