Mei, also known as “Socorro Liberty,” is a freelance graphic designer and 2D illustrator with a deep passion for the anime art community. She thoroughly enjoys exploring a wide range of art forms and techniques, constantly seeking new inspiration for her creations.

She currently works as a Pediatric Surgical Nurse for children at a private hospital, where she works closely with the surgical team.

Her past and current clients are mostly from social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and other forms of online communication. She works remotely as a graphic designer and collaborates as a ghost artist in flexible hours.
– Logitech
– Comic Naver
– Bilibili Comics
– Sun Young Peony
– Line Creators Market
– Kikyo and Naraku Weibo

Drawing her favorite ships and anime characters is one of her comfort zones. As a pediatric nurse, she used to be surrounded by children and their parents. That’s why she loves to draw families and includes children in her artworks. You will also see her making some journals, especially doing a kawaii journal, while sipping her favorite matcha milk tea. This setting gives her peace of mind and helps her become more focused.

At the age of 8, she already lost her left eyesight because of a traumatic childhood experience. Her eyes hurt, which is the reason why she can’t stay in front of a computer for a long time and also why she can’t spend a lot of time on social media. She prefers drawing using her tablet and finishes about 20% of her art on the computer. There is an administrative assistant who works with her, handling tasks on her behalf.

Although her left eye is completely blind, she currently uses her right eye to draw things she wants and write journals to share motivational thoughts with others. It didn’t stop her from reaching for her goals and dreams. She believes that utilizing her right eye will still help her pursue her passions and talents. Through her love for drawing and writing, she not only expresses herself but also shares her thoughts with others, inspiring them on their own journeys.

Aside from working in the hospital and taking on freelance work, she is currently focusing on creating more fan art content for Kirinmaru, Midoriko (including Riku and Rion), and for Riku-Towa/ Ritowa ship, as well as making more journal spreads.

10 Favorite Quotes:

These are the quotes where she gained valuable lessons and discovered how to handle things much better than before, while continuing to learn more about the crazy thing called life.