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Ritowa Prayer 2023

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June 2023. This is my first blog post, and I want to share with everyone my very own personal prayer for the ship I support, Riku and Towa/Ritowa. I’ve been with this ship since the first day Riku and Towa met. There are lots of things I’ve learned while being a part of this big fandom, and what I’m doing to make things okay is praying.

Dear God, I come before you today with a humble heart and a sincere desire to seek protection and peace for the anime ship Ritowa—Riku and Towa—from Hanyou no Yashahime.

I ask for your guidance and intervention to shield them from those who harbor jealousy, excessive anger, and negativity towards this beautiful union. May your divine energy surround them, creating a sanctuary where their love can thrive. In your infinite wisdom, please grant me the strength to rise above any competition or disputes that may arise due to my support for this ship. Let it be known that my intention is not to engage in conflict, but to share and celebrate the love I have for Ritowa. Help me foster a community of understanding, respect, and acceptance.

I beseech you to protect Riku from those who despise him based on his true nature. Grant them the ability to see beyond their preconceived notions and recognize the growth, redemption, and compassion within his character. Allow them to open their hearts to the complexity of his journey and embrace his positive qualities.

I humbly request your assistance, seeking your divine intervention and guidance in my prayer for some of my friends, followers, and those who do not appreciate Riku and Towa as a couple. In the depths of my heart, I hold a deep love for this pairing, as it brings me joy and happiness. I ask that you help instill respect, understanding, and acceptance within their hearts.

Grant them the wisdom to understand that my support for Ritowa stems from a place of genuine happiness and fulfillment. May they recognize that the love I have for this ship is a source of inspiration and comfort for me. Help them understand that our differing opinions can coexist peacefully, without causing harm or hurt.

I beseech you to guide them towards empathy and compassion. Help them realize that their disinterest or dislike for Ritowa does not necessitate intentional acts of negativity. If they find themselves unwilling to engage with my Ritowa works, I implore you to lead them away from any actions or words that might intentionally cause me pain. Grant them the strength to leave me be and grant me the peace I seek, allowing me the space to express my love for Ritowa without interference.

I ask for a shift in their perspectives, one that fosters an environment of mutual respect and acceptance. May they appreciate the diversity of opinions and ships within our shared fandom, understanding that our individual preferences add richness and depth to the community we belong to. May my friends, followers, and those who do not share my love for Ritowa be blessed with open hearts, granting them the ability to respect my choices and to refrain from causing intentional harm.

I implore you to create a shield against the evil eye. Protect Ritowa, myself, and all those who support this ship from the negative energies and intentions that may be directed towards us. Shield us from harm, especially emotionally, and surround us with love, positivity, and understanding.

May this prayer serve as a conduit of divine protection and healing. I trust in your benevolence and grace, knowing that you will hear my plea and answer it according to your divine plan. Thank you for your unwavering support and guidance.

In your name, I pray,
Mei – Socorro Liberty

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