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Prayer for MidoKirin Writers


I used to be a silent reader. Since the day Kirinmaru and Midoriko went viral and became famous way back in January 2021 because of theories that people made, I’ve been searching for lots of stories about them. I’m happy that there are people who spend time creating beautiful fanfiction for MidoKirin. I’m not really good at communicating and I’m too shy to speak to some authors, so I give them a thumbs up or kudos for their stories, silently thanking them for making my day awesome. Yes, I also say a prayer for them.

Dear God, I humbly approach you with a heartfelt prayer for the writers of MidoKirin, those who passionately weave stories about the beautiful bond between Midoriko and Kirinmaru.

These talented individuals pour their creativity onto the page, capturing the essence of this beloved ship. I ask that you grant them renewed motivation and inspiration to continue their craft.

Grant them the strength to persevere in their writing endeavors, even when their stories may not garner popularity or recognition. Let them find solace in the act of creation itself, knowing that their words hold power and impact, regardless of the size of their audience.

Protect these writers from any harm or discouragement that may come their way. Shield them from doubt and criticism and surround them with a supportive community that appreciates and uplifts their work. May they find inspiration in each other’s creations, forming a collective bond that fuels their creativity and fosters a sense of belonging.

Instill within them a deep belief in their own abilities, reminding them that their words have the potential to touch hearts, ignite emotions, and create meaningful connections. Help them discover the joy that comes from sharing their stories, regardless of the external response.

May these writers find solace and fulfillment in their writing journeys, knowing that their dedication and passion make a difference. Grant them the resilience to overcome obstacles and the courage to explore new horizons. Infuse their work with authenticity and depth, allowing the essence of MidoKirin to shine through their words.

With profound gratitude, I thank you for your divine guidance and protection. May the writers of MidoKirin continue to write with unwavering motivation, spreading their love for this pairing and leaving a lasting impact on all who encounter their stories.

In your name, I pray,
Mei- Socorro Liberty

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