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MidoKirin Prayer 2023


This is my second blog post, and I will share my personal prayer for the ship I still support until now: Kirinmaru and Midoriko, also known as MidoKirin. I have also prayed a lot for my peace of mind. I have experienced too many struggles while being with this fandom, but what I am always grateful for when it comes to supporting MidoKirin is the discovery of many things about myself, especially related to creativity, personal growth, and becoming more open-minded.

Dear God, I come before you today to offer a prayer of protection for the anime ship named MidoKirin, which represents the couple between Midoriko and Kirinmaru from the series Inuyasha and Hanyou no Yashahime.

I ask for your guidance and blessings to shield this ship from the negativity and anger that may arise from people who are jealous or triggered by its existence. Please surround MidoKirin with a protective barrier that repels any harmful intentions or ill-wishing directed towards them. May this shield be impenetrable and guard them from any harm that may come their way. Help those who harbor excessive anger or jealousy towards this ship find peace and understanding in their hearts. Lead them to focus their energy on positive endeavors and to respect the love others have for MidoKirin.

I humbly ask that you influence those who dislike this ship to refrain from interacting with me or expressing hurtful things regarding Midoriko and Kirinmaru. Help them realize that I am not engaging in any competition, superiority or seeking to cause harm, but simply expressing my love and support for this fictional characters. Let them understand that my support for MidoKirin remains unwavering, even if it is not officially canon. Grant them the wisdom to understand that everyone is entitled to their own preferences and ship choices, and that their negativity only hinders harmony and goodwill among fans.

In your infinite mercy, please remove the angerness, excessive jealousy, bitterness and ill intentions from their hearts. Replace these negative emotions with understanding, acceptance, and peace. Ease their animosity towards Midoriko and Kirinmaru and guide them to explore alternative pairings that resonate with their hearts. May they find joy in their own preferred ships and learn to coexist peacefully with fans of MidoKirin.

I ask for your ongoing protection, guidance, and support as I continue to share my love for MidoKirin. Help me to be resilient in the face of negativity, allowing their disapproval to roll off me like water off a duck’s back. Grant me the strength and grace to stand firmly by my beliefs without being deterred or discouraged.

I humbly request an anti-evil eye protection for MidoKirin. May any malicious intentions or ill wishes directed towards them be deflected and rendered powerless. Let the love and positivity surrounding this ship remain pure and untainted by negativity. Let their love story continue to bring joy, inspiration, and comfort to those who appreciate it.

With utmost gratitude, I thank you for your divine intervention and protection. May peace, respect, understanding, and acceptance prevail among all fans, regardless of their ships and preferences.

In your name, I pray,
Mei – Socorro Liberty

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