Riku | Towa

Life Lesson with Ritowa Fandom:
God knows how much I love this ship. I fell in love with Riku and Towa since their first encounter. There are two things I’ve learned on this fandom that have had a significant impact on me. My mental state and behavior were affected by these… not-so-good experiences but yes to embrace positive self-love. I became more aware of what was happening around me.

It’s easy to assume that everyone we encounter online is genuinely happy for our successes and achievements; however, the reality is quite different. I have learned that not all people (especially those whom you thought were your friends because they shared the same interests as you) are genuinely supportive of your happiness, dreams, goals, and personal growth.

I call this a slap of reality.

When we achieve something significant or share our joyous moments, we expect our virtual friends and followers to celebrate with us. We believe that kindness is also reciprocated in the online world, and I have learned that, unfortunately, that’s NOT always the case.

While some people genuinely appreciate my accomplishments and things that makes me very, VERY happy, (I always love to include Riku with Midoriko, Kirinmaru and Rion where I portrayed them as a family) others might view them as a personal threat or competition.

Or I must say, silent competition...

Your continuous growth and happiness can become intimidating for certain people. It’s sad to know that not everyone genuinely wants to see you happy. Maybe they are going through a low period in their life, so if they see me happy, they will find a way to make me miserable as well. I dunno?

I value my own peace and well-being in the face of such competition and negativity. It’s like saying, ‘You win. I choose my peace.” That’s the reason I became more silent now. I always remind myself that my happiness and personal growth should never be compromised by the negativity of others.

Not everyone whom you consider a friend also considers you a friend. This realization has been a valuable lesson for me. In the past, I used to be very open and friendly with everyone who shared my love for Riku and Towa. I enjoyed interacting with them, sharing my personal thoughts, considering these people as lifelong friends on social media. And yeah, I didn’t realize that… whoah… not everyone would reciprocate the same level of friendship and treat me in the same way. I discovered that some of them were only interested in benefiting from our connection.

To be honest, it was difficult for me to accept this kind of another slap of reality. But it’s fine. If I go to positive point of view because of what happened, this experience taught me the importance of setting healthy boundaries for myself. I know I’m being over dramatic but because of this, I have become more selective in choosing friends who truly value and appreciate me. This awareness has given me the confidence to concentrate on making meaningful connections with people who share my interests and genuinely care for my well-being. So, here we are again… during my healing journey, I have not only survived emotional abuse, but I also gained a great understanding the importance of self-love. These experiences helped me to maintain a positive perspective and understand my own worth.

One valuable lesson I learned came from a friend who is also a Ritowa fan. She looked herself as a black sheep of Ritowa and MidoKirin fandom. And she seems to be proud of it.

According to her,
“It’s not about the quantity of friends, but the quality of relationships that truly matter.”

This friend of mine wisely pointed out that it’s also perfectly fine and not to be sad if some Ritowa fans/friends choose to unfollow me on social media for not being active or distant. This serves as an indication that these people are not worth keeping in my life. It is a sign that they do not bring positivity or contribute to my well-being.

Well in fact, I pray and ask for the removal of people who no longer bring goodness into my life. I can’t believe that He is actively working to eliminate those who are not helpful and do not contribute positively to my mental state. This insight brings me comfort and encouragement that I am on the right path towards surrounding myself with people who truly uplift and support me.